Episode 55: Leah Martinson – Speakeasy Care – Where to Go When Life’s a Mess


Jeremy has a conversation with Leah Martinson, director of health coaching at Speakeasy Care. They discuss this new model in care, imagining themselves as the Starbuck’s of wellness-care, being able to talk to a professional confidentially at the moment you are in the midst of crisis at an affordable rate; to be able to come in with your problems and walk out more calm and with a set of skills to keep you from getting stuck in the mess.

Leah also shares her own story, and the health challenges she’s faced from a progressive disease since the age of 5. She also explains her journey into this emerging field of health coaching.

Note:  Shortly before the release of this episode, Upstream Health Innovations which brought you Speakeasy, has been cancelled for undisclosed reasons. Here’s a message from Leah about it:

AS of Nov. 27th Speakeasy is taking a hiatus. As an industry disrupter in the Health Care field there is a lot to learn and we are taking some time to bring Speakeasy to the next level.  When we come back we might have a different name and look but the services will be just as awesome!

If you have specific questions about the status of Speakeasy you can e-mail Stacy or Leah at info@speakeasycare.com. If you are interested in coaching you can contact Leah at ignitecoachingmn@gmail.com.

Find out more: https://speakeasycare.com/

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