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About Us

Highwayto.health was developed to help us better understand the value of health in our lives. Because every culture has it’s own belief systems regarding health and well-being, this project’s aim is to not only open up this dialogue, but also to help us become more engaged and make choices about what living in balance with ourselves, each other and our natural world might look like.

The Podcast

Though conversations with the most brilliant and innovative minds in health, wellness and environmental sciences, highway.health delivers resource to inform while giving you the stories behind the years of effort that have led to the solutions that improve our well-being

Blog and News

Explore Highwayto.health for insightful written content, videos and the latest developments in the world of health, well-being, technology, and research to better your understanding of what improves health.

Our Mission

Highwayto.health is dedicated to education and resource relating to the improvement of individual health, community well-being and the protection of the most essential aspect of our existence, our planet.

Our Vision

Highwayto.health seeks to bring together true integration in the way we care for ourselves, each other and our natural world. Through the development of a community of like minded-health influencers, the long-range vision is to bridge fields of health, wellness and technology.

It's time to explore a new view of health!

Providing better coordination, and more strategic partnerships that promote health improvement practices in communities, businesses, and governments.


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