In this episode Jeremy has a conversation with psychologist Dr. Melanie McNally about our children’s digital lives. Every generation of parents questions how technology will affect our child’s development, especially in the midst of a global pandemic.Research is now shows that depending on our use, social media and gaming can teach us important life skills, decrease loneliness and enrich our lives.

Dr. Melanie shares some important rules for how to keep a healthy relationship with it, age appropriateness, and our role as parents in keeping them safe in the process.

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Show Notes

  • 3:30 What are we looking for from digital interactions
  • 7:50 Children’s Digital Lives
  • 12:05 Telehealth vs. Office Sessions
  • 13:15 Positive and Negative uses of social media
  • 15:40 Identifying healthy vs. unhealthy anxiety
  • 35:15 Social and executive function benefits of digital relationships
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