Jeremy has a conversation with Nadine Artemis, author of Holistic Dental Care and Renegade Beauty, and founder of Living Libations about the science behind holistic dental practices.

They discuss the interconnectedness between oral health, the gut and heart health. She offers simple and cost effective ways to better oral health as well as common practices that we should avoid to prevent tooth decay, gum disease and overall health.

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Show Notes

  • 13:00 Nadines path toward better health
  • 17:00 Why haven't we learned better oral health practices
  • 18:30 The history of dental practices
  • 25:25 Mercury and Silver fillings
  • 32:20 pH balance of the mouth
  • 36:55 Chemicals and cleaning agents in oral products

  • 38:55 Simple ways to start better care practices
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