Jeremy has a conversation with Tad Wanveer, one of his teachers from the world-renowned Upledger Institute founded by Dr. John Upledger.  They discuss the science of glial cells and the evolution of understanding of this glial matrix once thought to simply insulate the neurons.

They also discuss Tad’s book Brain Stars: Illuminating CranioSacral Therapy, the research that went into it, and how a better understanding of glial cells may be the key to preventing diseases like Alzheimers, ALS, Parkinson’s, and a number of auto-immune conditions as well as depression and mood disorders.

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Show Notes

  • 5:15 Tads work as an artist/scuptor
  • 6:45 Writing the book ‘Brain Stars; Glia Illuminating CranioSacral Therapy’
  • 13:40 What is the CranioSacral system?
  • 21:50 Development of 3D and Animated models
  • 42:00 Improving function of glia could prevent a Alzheimers, Memory Loss, Mood Disorders, and Auto-Immune Diseases.
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