Episode 102: Erin O’Hearn – Part 1 – Weediatrics Film; A Covert Medical Mission


Jeremy has a conversation with Erin O’Hearn, co producer of the film Weediatrics; A Covert Medical Mission which follows the day to day lives of parents of children struggling with a host of medical challenges including autism and seizures, 2 of the most difficult conditions to care for because of the potential of physical harm.

After covering the story as a television news  journalist in Philadelphia, she was devastated to learn that many of these parents were risking prison time and losing their kids to child protective service to get access to medical cannabis specifically for these conditions because it wasn’t legal for pediatric use in their state.

The film follows these families showing the minute to minutes struggle, their travels across state lines to get the right cannabis compounds, and how they are using this medicine help their children and prevent the most devastating effects of their conditions.

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