Episode 89: Luke and Ali Peterson – Regenerative Farming; Healing our Planet, the Soil and the Gut


Jeremy has a conversation with Luke and Ali Peterson of Peterson Farms.

Luke is a certified organic farmer using regenerative practices for the 700 acres, integrating a grass-fed beef herd. Ali is a Family Nurse Practitioner at the rural health clinic in Dawson, MN. Together they discuss basics of regenerative farming and how it could hold the key to health; improving the health of the soil leads to improving both our gut’s microbiome and the planet’s ability to manage greenhouse gases.

Find out more: https://www.aframefarm.com

Show Notes

  • 01:00 What is Regenerative farming?
  • 03:55 How do we heal the soil?
  • 06:40 Soil and Gut connection
  • 10:30 The business of regenerative farming
  • 42:45 Relationship with the land
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