Episode 88: Sue Hitzmann – The Melt Method; Caring For Your Fascia

  • 01:07:55
  • February 16, 2021
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In this episode Jeremy has a conversation with Sue Hitzman, exercise physiologist, manual therapist, educator and founder of The MELT Method. They discuss the importance of having a daily self-care practice and ways to counteract the effects of stressors on the body.

Together they share what they’ve learned from more than 50+ years of combined experience educating and treating bodies, and what they’ve learned about the importance of caring for your connective tissue, aka, fascia.

Find out more: https://www.meltmethod.com

Show Notes

  • 11:15 Connective Tissue/Recovery
  • 19:40 Writing the Manual for MELT
  • 22:45 What is pain is teaching all of us?
  • 29:05 Treating hands and feet
  • 35:20 Fascia is an intelligent tissue
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