In this episode Jeremy has a conversation with founder of the Myoskeletal Alignment Technique, Erik Dalton. Known around the world for his teaching, Erik shares the story of what lead to the work that became his life’s passion, how he got interested in manual therapy and why he developed MAT.

They both share techniques and application from nearly 70 years of combined work experience. A great listen for anyone in a manual or physical therapy field, or anyone looking to improve their understanding how to have a better aligned body.

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Show Notes

  • 9:00 Erik's Music Background
  • 11:00 Erik's entry into health field
  • 12:00 Working with clients - transference
  • 14:00 Development of Jeremy's work
  • 19:15 Beginning of Dalton Teaching
  • 20:00 Dalton MAT course
  • 21:10 Costa Rica education retreats
  • 27:55 Study at Rolf Institute
  • 31:00 Cliente Intake and Rapport
  • 31:20 Techniques
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