Episode 77: Dr. Christopher Shade – Autonomic Response in Gut and Detox Processes

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  • September 10, 2020
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Jeremy has a conversation with Dr. Christopher Shade, founder of Quicksilver Scientific, about how we process nutrients and toxins based on our autonomic nervous system’s state and what to do when the body lacks the ability to do it on it’s own.

While we often look to extremes to solve complicated problems in the body, these two discuss their experience and practices in using the most simple methods, or the ‘less is more’ approach, to improve function and help regulate the body’s own ability to heal itself.

Find out more: https://www.quicksilverscientific.com

Show Notes

  • 5:00 Chris’ background, traumatic brain injury, farming, cannabis, religious studies, anthoposophy, sailing, Chen tai chi,
  • 12:06 Masters and PhD work
  • 13:30 Chelation and mercury chemistry
  • 19:20 Neuroplexus’ and autonomic response with organ systems
  • 20:40 Glutamate receptors, blocking liver drainage
  • 22:15 Prioritization, ATP (energy)
  • 26:40 Tai Chi - Parasympathetics
  • 36:40 Mercury toxicity, anxiety, physiological symptoms
  • 38:50 Glutathione, toxic burden, sulfur reactivity
  • 40:05 Testing for metal toxicity, genomics, clinicians for support
  • 46:50 CBD, autonomics and immune function
  • 57:40 Restore, maintain, advance
  • 1:00:30 Snips, mthfr
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