Episode 59: Dr. Anne Kelly – Decoding Toxicity Challenges: Genetics, the Gut and the Usefulness of Functional Medicine


Jeremy has a conversation with his colleague Dr. Anne Kelly. Having worked in pediatrics and traditional care, as well as Public Health and functional medicine, she brings bring her 30+ years and a broad view on why we are seeing more severe health challenges in people of all ages.

She shares insights from her current research interests in genomics, mitochondrial function, and understanding the effects of toxins like gyphosate (an ingredient in Round Up herbicide) to decode the toxicity challenges she faces with patients daily.

Together they explore the intersection of science, homeopathic traditions and energy medicine as well as toxic overload due to the high concentration of chemicals present in our environment. Dr. Kelly also breaks down the processes through which we detoxify and heal our systems.

Find out more: https://www.mnfxmed.com/dr-anne-kelly & http://www.nutritionignition.com

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