Episode 51: Dr. Bill Manahan – Holistic Medical Trailblazer


Jeremy has a conversation with Dr. Bill Manahan, one of the pioneers of holistic medicine. He’s been the co-chair of the Minnesota Holistic Medical Group since 1989 and founded The Wellness Center of Minnesota, now Open Door Health Center, in Mankato MN for the underserved and uninsured.

Bill’s shares his story as a physician, from his calling in the 1960’s to navigating the transition of the business of medicine in the 1980’s that changed the way health professionals and clinics have performed ever since. He also offers some valuable insights into re-balancing this system and bringing back what worked for both providers and patients, and how it could benefit health systems, standards of care, and our insurance system.

Find out more: http://minnesotaintegrative.com/

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