Episode 42: Dr. Richard Firshein – Decoding the Healing Process


In this episode Jeremy has a conversation with Dr. Richard Firshein of the Firshein Center in New York City. For more than 3 decades Dr. Firshein has been a voice of reason in the medical world, navigating some of the most puzzling health challenges Americans are facing in today, though his private practice, on his radio show, and as a medical contributor for CNN and Fox.

In his first ever podcast, he shares with Jeremy the personal story of how his own health challenges, and those of family members and friends stoked an early interest in a more naturopathic approach to care. They also discuss his current work with gut related challenges, Lyme disease, food allergies and an approach Dr. Firshein has developed which he calls ME Medicine.

Find out more: https://www.firsheincenter.com

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