Episode 32: Abby Epstein/Ricki Lake – The Pharming of Cannabis (Weed the People Film)


Jeremy has a conversation with director Abby Epstein about her latest collaboration with Ricki Lake on the film Weed the People set to release January 22, 2019.  They discuss the  film which follows 6 families who turn to cannabis after traditional treatments fail to yield positive results.  It is also a discussion about how cannabis’ schedule 1 status and the U.S. governments patent on research is limiting it’s use in life saving treatments.

They also discuss Abby and Ricki’s upcoming film Sweetening the Pill exploring the use of hormonal birth control, it’s history, and current cultural use in the treatment for so many women’s health related challenges, even with the known list of side effects.

Find out more: https://www.weedthepeoplemovie.com

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